Green Network Energy

Green Network Energy


Green Network Energy is part of a vibrant and growing Italian energy company.

Founded in 2003 by two ambitious entrepreneurs, Piero Saulli and Sabrina Corbo, their goal was to challenge the Italian energy market and do things differently, better, with passion and innovation.

Gathering a group of enthusiastic professionals who shared their vision, the company has grown successfully in Italy, focusing on customers and giving them more choice about how they manage their energy needs.

They now generate energy from renewables, supply energy to thousands of homes and business, offer advice on how to save energy and employ nearly 200 people.

Green Network Energy doesn’t believe in standing still, they want to improve every day, so they have decided to set themselves the challenge to bring a little Italian flavour to the GB energy market. The challenge might be a bit different but the aim is the same, to offer customers more choice and better service using our passion, enthusiasm, and experience.


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Green Network Energy


Our first meeting with Green Network Energy can be summarised in one sentence: "I want you to have fun with our space and I want you to surprise me". 

With this extraordinary request and a concise set of requirements, we took the decision to appoint Binom Architects, one of our trusted collaborators, to provide us assitance with the concept design and development.

During the design stage, our technical team undertook a full conditional report of the space, validating the electrical and mechanical installation to fully define our technical proposal.  This took place along side the concept design development which helped us maintain a constant review of costings while incorporating the most into our full proposal.

The concept design for the space was based in 4 principle pilars:

- Green design: Use of recycled materials, as well as introducing Biophilic design elements into the space

- Italian touch: Italian connection of the company by introducing traditional elements 

- Flexible spaces: Green Network wanted a flexible space, capable of adapting and developing alongside the business model.

- Energy corner: Incorporating energy generation into the workspace.

It was during our second meeting with GNE when we showcased the entire concept design and they loved it! After further adjustments to the number of desks, offices and other elements Lopez Landa was appointed to carry out the complete turnkey project for GNEs new HQ in London.



During the construction phase our contracts team worked closely to the design team in order to deliver the exact image that was showcased to the client - An open plan environment with the right balance between ’Green design’ and workplace efficiency, with constant touches of colour throughout the space.

The main two challenges in this project were:

• To adjust the existing mechanical and electrical installation without having any as built information, integrating and adapting the systems to suit the new lay out whilst minimising the cost by re-using most of the fixtures already present on site.

• To create all bespoke joinery elements on site, adjusting the design to the existing space, trying to achieve a cohesion between the different elements.

Another of the important factors, was to reuse all of the existing furniture that the client had in their previous offices, including the full relocation of 120 positions over a weekend, to ensure that the company was fully operational by Monday morning.

The entire team thoroughly enjoyed working with Green Network in this amazing project and we wish them every success in their outstanding growth path! 

Green Network Energy Green Network Energy Green Network Energy


• Project management

• Building Regulations Liaison

• Power

• Lighting

• Data

• Air Conditioning

• Decoration & Graphics

• Access Control


• Partitioning - Glazed

• Partitioning - Solid

• Flooring

• Plumbing

• Kitchen Installation

• Furniture

• Storage Wall

• Bespoke Joinery

Green Network Energy Green Network Energy
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